Have Gavel Will Travel

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Senior Relocation Services

Have Gavel will Travel is a full-service provider for helping families with the move into assisted living facilities. Moving a loved one from their home into an assisted living, hospice or nursing home can be an emotionally and physically demanding project. Allow us to help you through this challenging time.

What we offer

Moving services– We insured and experienced movers and can offer affordable rates to move into the new home. You identify what items are going to the new residence and we can move locally in one day.

Asset Liquidation – We arrange for the profitable disposal of unwanted items, through auctions, private sales, tag sales, consignment, donation. or any combination of the previous.

Clean Out – we dispose of or return any unwanted remaining items.

We can be a one-stop to serve all of your needs if you would like to discuss or have a no obligation in-home consultation feel free to call Walter at 314-517-4013