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Estate / Inheritance Auctions

An estate auction is held when a loved one passes and the property is acquired as an inheritance. You have valuable items that need to be sold, but how? Have Gavel Will Travel is the answer. 

We start by meeting with you and determining your needs. We will assess the value of the items in the home and then present you with a contract outlining the percent of the sale to complete the auction. This percent is the monies we receive, so it is in our best interest to work hard for a great result. We only get paid when we perform. After the sale, we issue your portion of sales. Any items left can be donated or we can facilitate a clean-out. 

We know this can be a challenging time, so our goal is to make the process a little easier and treat your family’s possessions with dignity and respect.

Moving / Down Sizing

If you’re moving or downsizing Have Gavel Will Travel will simplify the task. 

Once you determine what items you no longer want or need, we will assess the value and make a fair offer for a buyout. If you have a significant number of items, we may do an on-site auction. We will do everything we can to ensure the best return for both parties! 

Online Auctions

Our most popular and successful platform, online auctions open your cherished items to a larger bidding and buyer base, resulting in the best return.

Buy Out Services

Whether you have inherited an estate, are moving, or are downsizing, you are likely to have items remaining to liquidate. Have Gavel Will Travel can make a fair offer to buy what is left based on the value of items and labor required to remove these items from the home.