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Estate / Inheritance

The most common service we offer is the estate auction, this is when a loved one or family member passes, the property is acquired as an inheritance. There are many items of value that need to be sold, but how? Have Gavel Will Travel can be the answer. We start by meeting with the family and assessing the needs. During this meeting, we begin assessing the value of the items in the home. Then we present you with a contract outlining the percent of the sale to complete the auction. This percent is the monies we receive, so it’s in our best interest to work hard for a great result. We only get paid when we perform. After the sale, we tidy up and any items left can be donated or we can facilitate a crew for you to clean out. We know for many this is a challenging time and we treat your family’s possessions with all the dignity and respect they deserve.

Moving / Down Sizing

Moving or downsizing can be a very difficult time, we can help pare down the items you are no longer going to need. Have Gavel Will Travel offers the same great services but cater to this very different phase of life. Once you determine what items you are no longer going to need in your next home, we complete the assessment of value and make a fair offer for a buyout or if there is enough an on-site auction. It is in both parties best interest to ensure you a great result so we work with you honestly to ensure a win-win situation!

Online Auction

In a new digital era, we are now offering online-only auctions, These do well in circumstances when there are quality items, but there is not enough for a full event. This can also be a great option where parking or security issues, and some items just lend themselves to sell better online.

Buy Out Services

Many times after the family has decided what they want there is little left. Have Gavel Will Travel can make an offer to buy what is left in the home. This is a great option many times because we can buy as much or as little as you are comfortable with. We try to make a fair offer based upon value of items and labor needed to remove from home.